3 days old and super-cute.

Congratulations Helena och Mathias!



a Midsummer in Photos.

Fina pappa.

sill och potatis!

Absolute party!

Brosan och Helena.


Skymning på stranden



See you soon, Brian Wolfe.

It´s been an unusual day. Saying Goodbye (or “see you later”) in the middle of every-day madness is causing anxiety Big Time. My heart is racing just by the thought of the word Goodbye, it´s been way too many heartbreaking ones in the past. It was very much needed though. Pretending not to miss eachother, haha… How? Next time I´ll come with..!!


Much Love to my Soulmate, Brian Wolfe.

Time To Go.

Great friends at the WoLfe&theWindh-party last, hypeD!

Back and forth. Family time today and tomorrow with Kristianstad-cousin-Amanda celebration and Åhus-family-fishing trip. Tomorrow graduation party in Helsingborg followed by up&UP-meeting in Hishult on Monday and Halmstad-Hi Media first day at work Tuesday. Rollin!


This is iT.

Three years of marketing studies has come to an end. Sending in the bachelor´s thesis tomorrow morning and crossing fingers hard that it will pass. Proud if it though, since the easiest path was not chosen and spending the winter in Niseko was defiantly worth coming home to all this work. Extra hyped and very thankful to the kind hearted people making an effort to help out. Means the WORLD, really does.

It is time to celebrate. It´s RaD to be in SoFie´s WorLd righT now.


reversed culture-shock.

Biking around Halmstad to clear the head. Things are happening high-speed-super-duper-fast (all good, just reversed culture-shock/jetlagged/small bed/CVs/thesis/intern-presentation, daaang..). When it gets a little bit overwhelming, it´s time to get on the favorite  Skeppshult and pedal fast to the beach and back. It helps to get those thoughts sorted out. Why stress on things that are out of my control, NO WAY!?

biking around, we found this on the west beach. random.

enjoying our surroundings

tastey reminders

 Let´s get it.

a few sapporo-shots

celebrating life.

Just one more..

No smoking on the streets, keeping it clean!

good memories.